Holstein's Story

Rotaract has been a big part of my life since I joined back in 1st year uni. As a Rotaractor I’ve had opportunities to contribute to the community and make friends from all over the world through volunteer trips and international conferences. Being part of the Rotaract and Rotary network means that you’ll have contacts everywhere, which I’ve found really helpful in my personal and business travels.”
— Holstein (Market Analyst)

Tom's Story

As a member of Rotaract Club of Brisbane CBD, I’ve learned and had honest discussions about ideas and issues that matter. More importantly, we back those ideas up with actions - I’ve particularly enjoyed getting my hands dirty with the Mini Farm Project to help grow food for people who need it. I’ve used some of the skills I have from work, and learned some completely new ones.
And I’ve made great friendships and had a lot of fun doing it!”
— Tom (lawyer)
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Jamin's Story

I joined Rotaract two years ago to meet new friends in Brisbane and feel like I was a part of something with purpose. The opportunities the club offers has given me that and so much more. I am very glad I decided to go along and find out more about Rotaract.”
— Jamin (Engineer), Secretary

Jen's Story

I joined Rotaract three years ago when I relocated to Brisbane for my PhD. I didn’t have existing social connections in Brisbane and so I wanted to meet other young professionals and volunteer in the community alongside my studies. The Club offers an amazing range of different social activities, community service, and professional development activities. A highlight has been coordinating a documentary screening to raise funds for Seven Women Nepal (a fair trade organisation that supports women with a disability). I also met many of my closest friends in Brisbane through the Club”.
— Jen (PhD Student), President

Mamata's Story

I was involved in different social activities, and community services back home in Nepal. Since I came to Australia, I had missed that part. As an international student, when I felt the necessity to be part of something bigger other than University and work, I decided to join Rotaract- to be a part of a community; which I believe is an amazing platform for youth to explore and experience. My favourite part of Rotaract is keeping a ‘Jar of gratitude’ after each meeting- just a beautiful idea to remind us about things we are grateful for in our life. For me, Rotaract has been a way to make new friends and contribute to the community; and there is still more to give and achieve.”
— Mamata (Nursing Student), Community Service Director